Sunday, April 11, 2021

Buttplug: The ROADS Are Racisssss!

The other day, Pete Buttigieg (whose Daddy was a Marxist teaching at Notre Dame, of course) did a dog-and-pony show of riding his bike to a Cabinet meeting.  In reality, his people unloaded his bike from Pete's official Suburban three blocks from the meetup....but......well........Buttplug put on his little show.

Now he reveals Truth Yet Untold:

...“[I]f you’re in Washington, I’m told that the history of that highway is one that was built at the expense of communities of color in the D.C. area. There are stories, and I think Philadelphia and Pittsburgh [and] in New York, Robert Moses famously saw through the construction of a lot of highways.”...

--Red State quoting The Grio


Here's Obama's Transport Sec'y on the question:

... “If you think about it, much of this infrastructure was paid for and designed before the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”...

AHA!!  Conclusive Proof!

So Pete Buttplug will fix that.

How?  By the most deceptive and time-worn trick of the Democrat Party:

.. “We’ve got to have intention.”...

Good Intentions.  Results?  Well.......that's secondary.  Ask anyone on the Plantation. 

Added:  Althouse has comments on the item.

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