Thursday, December 01, 2005

Principles or Love & Kisses? UPDATED

There's some complaining goin' on at GOP3 over the slugfest between principled conservative Republicans and the RINO types. GOP3 seems to think that the Pubbies should all be hugs and kisses (like at the Top of the Park) rather than whacking at each other over such trivia as, say, taxation without representation, which we have in gas-tax-Indexing.

In other words, GOP3 doesn't seem to read Human Events seriously, even though someone over there was on their payroll over the summer.

Most of the GOP3 writers are not old enough to know that a RINO (and walrus) named Lee Dreyfus signed this law in the first place. Most of the GOP3 gang have not paid gasoline taxes in Wisconsin for all 25 years of this travesty.

And apparently, most of the GOP3 gang does not know that "civil discussions" in club parlors or Assembly back-rooms have NOT produced ethical and principled results.

Sorry, boys. A spade is a spade. As noted below, Bruce Bartlett has opened his door, sniffed the stench, and publicly stated that someone better remove the carrion from the Republican refrigerator at a national level.

Same-o for Wisconsin.

UPDATE: Driving home from lunch, Rush commented that he was a "conservative"--followed by a hesitation, then "Republican." If that was a Freudian slip, it's meaningful. If it was NOT a Freudian slip, it's even MORE meaningful.

The Base notices.

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