Monday, December 26, 2005

Vatican Midnight Mass: A Lotta Latin Goin' On

It was very noticeable. Latin chant, Latin hymns, Latin prayers.

Yes, the "bidding prayers" were multi-lingual--perfectly understandable and no surprises.

One can feel the resentment and resistance seething over in certain local rectories--not to mention in the 'liturgical establishment' dominated by the Shallow and Timebound--you know, the ones for whom Vatican II marked the actual birthday of the Church and whose reading on the topic consists of reading American Catholic, Commonweal, and the NAPALM Newsletter (whatever its title may actually be.)

Latin is the language of the future of the Church. Get over it.


Kevin Whiteman said...

You nailed it. Possibly I'm just being a little too excited, but I can forsee the Latin Mass being freed in the very near future.

Enough of the world-wide Episcopalianism that has wracked The Church since the "wonderful and sweeping changes" of the so-called "Spirit" of V2.

Time for Catholics to get back in the habit of being Catholics.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a far greater use of Latin plus freedom to celebrate the Old Latin Mass are on the way.

Although I cannot tell you precisely how I know, I recently learned from a most reliable source that Pope Benedict is now saying the traditional mass privately - normally three days a week.

I think he must be practising for the big public one soon!

Avis Parva (mihi dixit).

Dad29 said...

Viderimus, avis parva and anony.

Cum video, tum credo, simile modo Thomas.

Kevin Whiteman said...

I pray to God you're right

sorry it took me so long, but I finally mentioned you in my "updates" posting.