Saturday, December 17, 2005

The Problem with Feinie

Feingold, (D-Arrogant and Condescending) makes the wrong point in his response to GWB's weekly address:

Feingold also argues that whatever is not explicitly legal is somehow prohibited under American law, but the opposite is true. In order for something to be illegal, it has to be explicitly made so by law. Anything unaddressed remains legal until the Legislature makes it illegal.

If I recall correctly, Feingold's horrific mis-understanding of US law is actually true--in Germany.

As noted by CQ, the blogger who caught Feinie's flapdoodle, were Feinie's take actually operative, the US would be a tyranny.

Of course, that's exactly what the Arrogant and Condescending want--a tyranny. Certainly suits the style of X42 and Hildebeeste, (D-Candidate from Hell.)

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