Friday, December 16, 2005

Still Think Gard is a Good Guy?

No Runny does the math for you on his post.

John Gard has demonstrated to Mark Belling and Charlie Sykes that he can f*&^ Wisconsin residents and taxpayers 9 ways from Sunday, and he's perfectly happy to do so.

History 101:

1) Gard makes it perfectly clear that he has NO interest in honest politics, affirming that taxation without representation is his preferred mode of governance.

2) Belling, Sykes, and others raise holy Hell about Gard's position and force a vote on the matter.

3) Gard suddenly reverses course on Indexing--Belling and Sykes claim victory.

4) Gard immediately sees to passage of the Corn-a-Hole bill (that's descriptive, not exactly scientifically accurate.) Because Corn-a-Hole is less efficient, Wisconsin motorists will buy more gasoline. Thus, the Highway Paver/DOT Estimate-Buster lobby is not just protected, but rewarded!

REPEAT: DOT will have MORE money to waste on highway projects, and will piss away MORE money than ever before.

5) Gard smirks his way to his Congressional race and gives the bird to Belling and Sykes.

You've been had, radio-boys.


steveegg said...

I can't stress that point about Mr. Sellout himself, John "Left" Gard, enough. I also can't stress enough that there is one last, desperate attempt to defeat the Party of Gubmint and their leaders Jim "Craps" Doyle, Dale "No Talk Radio Here" Schultz and Left Gard. That is the Senate. We rolled them over once; we can do it again.

James Wigderson said...

I think you're giving Gard too much credit. That requires far more strategy than I've seen him demonstrate.

Dad29 said...

JW, Gard was TOLD by the highway boys what the mathematics were.

Then he was TOLD how to vote.