Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Xoff Tries the Spin Tricks

Backed up by the Milwaukee Driveling Sentinel, Xoff seems to think that Rusty Feingold, (D-AlQuaeda) is some sort of hero.

We await Xoff's terse and pithy condemnation of FDR for his internment of Japanese-Americans and Italian-Americans during WWII.

We're still waiting for Xoff-the-Statist's terse and pithy condemnation of Kelo--so my advice to you readers is: don't hold your breath.

Feinie is an embarassment, at best, on the issue of national security and it would serve Xoff well to disconnect from the brown-end of that horse--immediately.


xoff said...

If you think I would support FDR's internment of American citizens just because he was a Democrat, you are wrong.

That was shameful. But at least he didn't fly them to secret prisons in other countries and torture them.

Dad29 said...

Not that we know of, X--and that's not a fine point.

However, to address your obvious glossing-over of the salient facts: those who are "flown to 'secret prisons' in other countries" are NOT US CITIZENS.

They are irregular combatants, thus not subject to Geneva Conventions.

Have you defined 'torture' lately? GWB seems to think that McShame's definition is adequate.

But feel free to write your own.