Thursday, December 15, 2005

Genuine Ninny-dom Example

Commenting on Wisconsin's CCW law, a ninny of the Left (redundant, I know) sketches a ghastly scenario of the foreboding future in Wisconsin on Monday nights:

The way the law works, he’ll have to keep up the vigilance when he gets home if wants to prevent people from bringing guns into his house.

When his buddies come over for a Monday Night Football game, if he wants to make sure that none of them bring a gun into his house, he must “verbally and orally” notify them them that they can’t bring concealed weapons into the house.

If he forgets, their rights to carry a gun in his house are intact. He might as well post a sign by the door in case he forgets, and so that there is not misunderstanding.

OMG!!! I suppose that if your friends are likely to shoot your house up over the results of Monday Night Football, the casual observer might question your choice of friends...

But not in NinnyLand.

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