Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sykes Gets It

In the last couple of days, Da Godfoddah has used the "P-word": "Party of Government" more than a few times, while discussing the self-glorifying, self-aggrandizing, and purely self-interested jackasses who favored taxation without representation.

In his blog, he tries to tell them that it's hardly over:

A recent poll by the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute found that state residents support a constitutional limit on government spending by a margin of more than 2-to-1.That result is all the more striking given the strong and concerted organizational and media opposition to TABOR and the lackluster support of legislative leaders.The WPRI poll found that support for TABOR crossed demographic and even ideological lines. TABOR was even popular in such Democratic strongholds as the City of Milwaukee (64% support) and Madison (51% support).Support for requiring government to live within its means was even stronger in Milwaukee's suburbs where 69% backed TABOR and in Waukesha County where 77% backed the amendment.

One would think that Gard, Grothmann, and Sgt. Schultz (Corn-a-Hole Party) will get the hint.

This revolution is NOT about "gotcha politics," NOT about making Doyle look bad (he does that very well on his own.) This revolution is about public policy; it's about overspending and overtaxing.

Got that, Rep. Jensen?

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