Thursday, December 15, 2005

Teacher, Student

Kevin and Dennis both covered this--and the real credit goes to the JS reporter--but it's so damn disgusting that I want to post it anyway:

Remember ex-Chvala staffer Paula McGuire's breathless account of what a great guy convicted felon Chuck is? The one where she recounts how Chuck emptied his own trash and allowed a Capitol janitor to sit in on a policy meeting where they all ate pizza? A great story, right?

Too bad it isn't true.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Steve Walters actually talked to the janitor, who said it never happened.

Ms. McGuire simply did what she'd been taught--lie, lie, lie. Make up a good story! Who the hell will bother to check?

Works for Clinton.

By the way, Steve Walters: the title should be The Chvala Code--some fact, and a LOT of fiction.

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