Friday, December 09, 2005

Things You Learn at a Conservative Lunch

1) The pizza at Mama's (78th/Burleigh) is really, really, really good. Have to go back again.

2) The State of Wisconsin spends more on K-12 Education than it will take in from income taxes in the 05/07 budget. (Thanks, BagManJim)

3) According to the US Department of Labor's "inflation calculator," $1.745 Billion in 1997 equates to $2,176 Billion in 2005. But the State's expenditure budget, $1.745 Billion in 1997, will be $2.612 Billion in the 05/07 biennium, a neat $500 million beyond inflation.

4) Talk radio has power. When Belling began his campaign on gas-tax indexing, one State Senator's office recieved near 400 calls in ONE HOUR--and that Senator was committed to voting FOR the repeal. One can only imagine how many calls the 'bad guys' were getting.

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