Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Matter of the Missing $50 Million

At the close of Wisconsin's fiscal year (6/30/05) our State was short $50 million or so, a violation of the State's Constitution. Seems BagMan overspent the budget. Surprise!!

When the Legislative Audit bureau gently reminded BagMan that he could go to jail (or whatever) for his indiscretion, there were a few account switcheroos pulled off, and presto!! the books balanced again.

Of course, they are not REALLY in balance--they just look that way--sort of like the "balanced" budget passed for 05/07: it's balanced, as long as you don't operate like normal people. You just count revenues as 'collected' a little ahead of time, and simply send out your checks a little late. No problem, eh?

Well, this matter was a little more important than the standard bait-and-switch of budgeting--what the Hell, Tommy's been doing budget games for years, too--but our dear Legislators don't know WHAT to DO about BagMan's violation of the Wisconsin Constitution.

To sue, or not to sue--that is the question.

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