Saturday, December 17, 2005

Defend Vrakas?

Da Godfaddah, Charlie, mentions that nobody--but nobody--is defending Vrakas for his rather messy "deparature scene" melodrama at the Courthouse.

Ummmmm......Vrakas never took anyone into his confidence and said (for publication on some blog, or in some newspaper) that there was a REASON to dump Finley.

So, even if someone were inclined to be nice and helpful, with what tools? Any ammo handy?

All we are left to conclude is that Vrakas did what was best for himself and his office. That's the logical conclusion.

As to a rationale--dohhh...I dunno, chief.

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Anonymous said...

Defend Vrakas? Seems to me Vrakas doesn't need defending he needs a trip to the wood shed. Check out this blog,, I think he gets it right.