Sunday, December 18, 2005

Ghastly Liturgical Stories, Chapter 3,265

Just when you think that you're inured--that your armor-plating is sufficient--and that there is NO level of asininity that remains to be plumbed...

That's when you hear the update.

A Milwaukee suburban parish's Christmas concert will include the Mozart Ave Verum as part of the pre-Christmas Mass concert. Yup. How could I make this up?

You know, the piece which has the text about 'for us, [Your Body], sacrificed, perforated, ...flowing Blood and Water...' you know: CHRISTMAS stuff.

And, by the way, the piece will be sung in English, just in case nobody gets the connection.

It's worth remembering that the Director-ette/Liturgeist of this Parish has earned an MA from the seminary. Given this credential, it's obvious that our thoughts are uninformed.

We take comfort in the knowledge that the Liturgeist has affirmed that the Ave Verum is, indeed, "highbrow music."


Fidei Defensor said...

Which Chruch?

I have my own Ghastly Liturgical story, a Church around here is having cookies and treats BEFORE the Christmas Mass. I was under the impression that we were supposed to fast for 1 measly hour, I guess Christmas is a day of exceptions, the never shows go to church and the fast is ignored.

Dad29 said...

It's a parish church in my area (west-suburban Milwaukee.)

Can't give away too much, as my spies could be identified.

Anonymous said...

I believe I used to sing in that choir. I left after it bacame apparent that fine music wasn't part of the choir's charge for a couple reasons: 1) The woman who "directs" the group is driven by her own very odd concepts of 'inculturation' (the definition of which she does not understand) and 'diversity' (a diversity so narrow as to not include Latin, polyphony, chant, or anything written before about 1970), and, 2) The woman who "directs" the group knows nothing about music. Indeed, she'd flunk an elementary theory test.

Dad29 said...

Well, Praetor, it's possible.

The only problem: there are a LOT of morons running choirs in the Western suburbs of Milwaukee, albeit no complete idiots are either in parishes immediately south or southeast of the one in question.

Now--the PRIESTS in the south and southeastern parishes are, ah, interesting characters....but not the choir directors.