Friday, December 09, 2005

Reduce Her Budget

Republicans who are concerned about BagManJimbo's $1.4 BILLION dollar budget deficit should look at over-funded State offices.

Let's start with 'Keg Lift-and-Schlepp-em's' budget, which apparently includes enough funds to sue the Federal Government to gain abortion-by-pill.

Our Attorney General, facing defeat either in a primary or in the general election, has determined that the FDA is incompetent--and has decided that this incompetence is really "political." So she will expend Wisconsin taxpayer funds to sue.

Lift-and-Schlepp-em is pandering, of course, to the PlannedBarrenhood Abortion god, hoping that this display of her 100% support of the babykilling lobby will save her a** in one election or another.

But she's spending State TAX dollars to win her AG race (which is a lost cause in any case.)

Methinks that a thorough review of AG budget dollars will find at least a few hundred thousand excessive.

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Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

'Keg Lift-and-Schlepp-em's' I didn't think the nick names would get any better, but they did. Nice work, this one takes the cake!