Thursday, December 15, 2005

On Walker: The Opinion That Counts

Scott Walker decided to send back $325.00 in contributions to a couple of execs of Bell Therapy because there was a vague foggy possibility that the contributions were potentially, almost kinda, well, maybe un-seemly.

OK. The smog was placed in the air by Joe Winecke, whose "source" credibility rivals that of the Violence Policy Center--that is, approximately equal to entrail-readings.

But in the middle of the JS story, a quote from a Real Authority:

John Carter, the chairman of the county Ethics Board and a lawyer, said the code clause in question does not apply because Walker is running for governor, not a county position.
In any case, he said the total sum of donations of $2,375 from Phoenix executives to the Friends of Scott Walker campaign from 2002 to 2005 did not seem large enough to be judged to be influence-peddling.

"If we are looking at someone who gave $2,000 to his campaign for governor and they subsequently ended up with a contract, to me, that really doesn't mean very much," Carter said.

I happen to know John Carter. He's a tough, no-nonsense guy who's been through hell (blinded during the race riots in the late 1960's, obtained his degrees while blind) and since a lot of his opinions do NOT make me happy, I think he's also fair.

Relax, Scott. There will always be bitch-ninnies (some of them have blogs on statewide sites) who are trying to make BagManJimbo look "good" by comparing his massive hauls from WEAC, the Potawatomi, and the trial lawyers to piddly little $2K-class postage-fund contributions.

But their task is Sysiphean--BagMan has covered himself in manure and will be a temporary blot on the Capitol scene.

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