Monday, December 19, 2005

Sen Feingold (D-Complete Idiot)--PAY ATTENTION

Look, Senator, I have family in the States.

I have friends overseas who are occupied in war zones.

Your self-aggrandizing BS is now pissing me off, mightily. Jim Sensenbrenner knows from 'civil liberties,' and HE thinks that the Patriot Act, as amended, passes muster.

GWBush apparently knows a hell of a lot more about FISA than you do--and for that matter, my 8th-grader knows more about Constitutional law than you do, based on your cockamamie reverse-negative crap (see below if you need more, Senator Stupid.)

I'd hate to think that any of my family or overseas friends got hurt because you think that it's time to revive Gene McCarthy's campaign.

So get this straight, Senator Asshole: change your votes. Clear?


Anonymous said...

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WI Catholic said...

He wants to be President, ya know? God help us.

xoff said...

Or what? You'll beat him up?

Get a grip.

Dad29 said...

"Get a grip," yourself, X.

Feinie Lies, People Will Die.

This is a serious breach of fiduciary duty and he shouldn't be playing fucking election-stunts.