Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Poll Question


Who's more embarassing to the State of Wisconsin?

A) the 3-win Packer team which did an El Foldo on Monday night?


B) Feingold, (D-AlQuaeda) who wants the US to do an El Foldo on its own National Security?


M.Z. said...

Two considerations:
1) There is hope for redemption next season.
2) People actually pay attention when they do something stupid.
1) Lost cause.
2) The only people that care what he says are in the room with them, and even their interest is debatable.

I give the edge to Feingold, because no one wants to hate the Packers.

steveegg said...

I have to go with Russ el-Slimeroad. He's so embarrassing that even the 'Rat faithful outside the 4th Estate/5th Column doesn't support him for President </self-promotion_shameless>.

The Packed-it-ins are giving el-Slimeroad a run for his money. Dunno if they can match his 2-1 advantage, fueled by out-of-state money, demonstrated in 2004 though.

Brian Dunbar said...


Football teams come and go - winning, loosing, being up and down is part of the game.

Games of state are for keepsies. Plus everything the man does is to keep an eye on the Executive office i.e. politics.

Now .. I'm from Oklahoma originally. What is it about this state that elects guys like Proxmire and Feingold to office?

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...


My Pack will be back next year with avengeance. Brett Favre will not go out on a sour note.

Next year...

The Badgerland Conservative said...

The Senator from Al Qaeda without a doubt. I am embarrassed that we can send such a simpleton to Washington, a cheese eating surrender monkey who makes no bones about his support of America's enemies.