Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tom Barrett's Problem

It's clear from the televised reports on Channel 4 and Channel 6 (not to mention from bloggers who know) that people living near 35th and Hampton are scared to ID the area's troublemakers. That's bad enough.

There are a couple of reasons: first, calling out the tangos may well result in retaliation. Second, it's likely that after the usual drill in Juvenile Court, the little darlings will be back at 'home' in a matter of 90 days or less.

Go ahead: tell us that all the perps in the recent beating will be doing 5-10 at Waupun.

What? No takers?

The Mayor of Milwaukee emerged from a cocoon, put on his "I'm serious" face, and told the residents to get on the phone with the police, but quick. There's a logic here: Tommy, who lives with a police guard and escort at his disposal, doesn't think that citizens like Sam McClain should have the tools of self-defense handy. Tommy doesn't like CCW.

Nor, for that matter, does E. Michael McCann, the DA. Nor does Milwaukee's Top Cop. Nor does the Milwaukee County Sheriff.

So these eminentoes have consigned men like McClain to Froedtert's emergency department. One wonders--when Steve Hargarten, MD., treats these folks, does Steve re-think HIS opposition to Concealed Carry?

S'pose if McClain brandished a Glock .40 that the results would have been the same?


Anonymous said...

Sort of depends on how much heat the gangstas were packing doesn't it?

I've carried a gun AND I believe in the right and responsibility of self-defense, but a gun isn't a magic wand.

Just waving one wouldn't have necessarily made that very ugly situation turn out any better.

Dad29 said...

"Just Waving," Elliott, prevents a large percentage of crimes from occurring.

See John Lott's website.