Monday, December 19, 2005

Jolly Wrong, Corrected...

The blog "Regret the Error" has published its "Corrections of the Year" awards, highlighting MSM stupidities in the 'extraordinary' class. Unfortunately, such stupidities must be acknowledged by the MSM originator to make "Corrections,"--which leaves the ordinary MSM prejudices out of the column.

Nonetheless, we rather like this one:

This jolly typo/correction comes from the Liverpool Daily News in England:

Technology has revolutionised most of our lives in recent years and the media has particularly benefited from developments in IT and communications.

But all technology should always be treated with a degree of caution. This was a lesson brought into sharp focus last week following a review of the Welsh National Opera's double bill performance of Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci at the Empire Theatre. The problem arose when the computer spell checker did not recognise the term "WNO" (Welsh National Opera).

A slip of the finger caused it to be replaced with the word "winos". All stories in the Daily Post go through a series of checks for error, but unfortunately this one slipped through the net. It just goes to show that it's hard to beat the good, old-fashioned dictionary.

A second runner-up, but a delight, eh wot?

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