Friday, December 30, 2005

Poll Result is Amazing

Last night's Channel 6 News ran the results of a poll on the question "Are you Safe in Milwaukee?"

1200 people called in.

It was 3 t0 1 "NO." 76% of the responders called the "I'm not safe here" telephone number.

I know--it's not scientific, it's not controlled sample, who knows who actually called in...

But that's a stunning number.


M.Z. said...

The only safe areas in Milwaukee are fast becoming anything east of the Milwaukee River and anything south of Lincoln and west of 6th St. North of Villiard used to be safe, but even this area has diminished significantly (particularly 76th-108th along Brown Deer). At least E. Michael "Plea Bargain If We Have To Charge 'Em" McCann will be gone soon. Choose wisely Milwaukee.

Dad29 said...

Don't be too quick to assume "east of the river" is safe.

My #2 kid was a student at UW-M, and there were plenty of incidents over there, too.