Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Events

We had them all here on Christmas Eve, including the grandchild--and we got the early "peek" about an event which would occur only a few hours later as #2 kid displayed the engagement ring he'd give a wonderful young lady that evening. A great deal of salt water flowed both here and in Green Bay, the location of the event. A chorus of inarticulate wimminfolk noises arose.

Pictorial results from THAT front tell us that she was pleased with the idea of becoming a wife.

Did you know that people actually pay MONEY for jeans with holes in the knees? This presents an opportunity, because after only about 2 years or so, my jeans develop holes in precisely the correct places.

Recycling for profit becomes a possibility.

Some debate was inspired: are REAL coaster wagons made of steel or from polymers?

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