Monday, December 12, 2005

Highway Contractors and The Tavern League

Another fine example of the Best Legislature Money Can Buy:

Officials in two growing suburbs at opposite ends of metro Milwaukee say development in their communities is being hindered by a state law that limits the number of liquor licenses that can be issued

Those limits make attracting new restaurants very difficult if not impossible because the establishments can't get new liquor licenses and often are not successful in buying the licenses belonging to current businesses, officials said.

Others though, including the politically powerful Tavern League of Wisconsin, say the state's liquor license law works well and that Wisconsin is already awash in such licenses.

The suburban leaders say the law is archaic and needs to be changed to meet the needs of their growing communities.

The State of Wisconsin has no business whatsoever establishing economic oligarchies, which "licensing" generally does. If a local government wants to issue 500 tavern licenses, let them. If the residents of the local area think their Village Board or Common Council is nuts, then we have elections.

Just like the Governor of Wisconsin, who can WILL be replaced.

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