Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Steyr and Norinco

Both companies are under sanction by the US State Department for providing missile systems $ components and other arms to Iran.

Norinco and 5 other PRChina-Government-run companies were named. Norinco is best known for its attempt to smuggle full-auto rifles to Los Angeles street gangs a number of years ago.

They also manufacture a cheap line of shotguns retailed in the United States.

Steyr-Mannlicher of Austria makes better-quality rifles and pistols.

Neither of these companies is a friend of United States citizens who enjoy shooting sports.

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Kevin Whiteman said...

Any word on sanctioning Bill Clinton for sending those 27 super-computers to Communist China?

Or George Bush for sending all the textile jobs there?

Sheesh... Pat Buchanan was right all along.