Wednesday, April 07, 2021

You'll Be Traced, Then Trapped

Malkin has been watching the development and implementation of "health"-spying for over a year; it began in Singapore (which is NOT a 'free' country) and is coming to a city near you any day now.

...This week, the Washington Free Beacon obtained a Biden COVID team document outlining a trace-and-track program developed by the University of Illinois using Bluetooth technology that mimics the Singapore model I flagged a year ago.

This week, snoozing Americans finally woke up to the Biden vaccine passport plan and the New York vaccine verification program known as the "Excelsior Pass." But these credentialing systems have been in the works for years among U.S. and global health agencies, long before "corona" meant nothing more than a beer or bright light to most people. The Vaccination Credential Initiative is a joint endeavor of the feds, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, the Mayo Clinic, electronic medical records giant Epic, Big Pharma CEOs and globalist nonprofit entities all coordinated by the military-industrial powerhouse MITRE corporation....

(Ah, yes!!  Epic--the Wisconsin outfit owned and run by a hard-Left Democrat mega-donor....)

The Biden* junta says that 'the Government' will not run a health trace-and-trap system.  They will not, of course; that will be left to Microsoft, Google, Epic, Salesforce, and Oracle, who will merely report to the Government.

By the way:  what makes anyone think that this system will be limited to 'health'?

In other words, 'How Stupid Are You?" 

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