Wednesday, April 07, 2021

CBS 58 Major Distortion of "News"

Gee.  We're shocked.

CBS 58 massively mis-reports the issue of "Health Emergency" by reporting it as a "mask mandate."

The FedGov under Biden* will withhold about $70 million/month in food-aid reimbursement unless Wisconsin has a declared "Health Emergency" order in place.  But nothing says that that "emergency" MUST have a 'mask MANDATE.'

However--to the credit of CBS 58--they did mention the source of the problem, which is Tony Evers.

...Republican state lawmakers passed a measure to get the benefits back when they tried overturning the mask order months ago, but Democratic Governor Tony Evers vetoed it. Wisconsin is now left at an impasse over lunch money....

Tin-Pot Tony's 'my way or the highway' veto is what cost Wisconsin $70MM/month, not a "mask order."

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