Thursday, April 08, 2021

Where Is Biden's* Home Universe?

It should be obvious by now that Creepy Joe Biden* lives in an alternate universe.

From his advice to 'go out on the porch and fire a couple of rounds' [from your shotgun] to 'scare off the bad guys,' to yesterday's claim that in the next 10 years passenger planes will be traveling at 21,000 MPH and trains will be traveling at 500++MPH, either of which is a shock to any plane- or train-design engineer.

Not to mention his repeated insistence that garden-variety voting regulation is the 'second coming of Jim Crow' and dozens of other fabulisms about the border, Trump, Trump voters, insurrections,....and that there are "no background checks" at gun shows.

Some day we may find out which planet--in which solar system--he is really from.

It ain't this one.

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