Thursday, April 08, 2021

Bill Gates Wants Dirty Air? Really??

For about the last 50 years, we've paid the bill for 'clean air.'  Much of that money was well-spent; remember Gary, IN.'s iron-rust-air, or the lovely coal-dust and coal-ash treatments your cars got?  How about that semi-combusted, lead-laden gasoline odor, or the black, sticky, smoke from old-time diesel engines?

Yes, MOST of that money was well-spent.  We did all of that--and more--to prevent Climate Change which will kill everybody.  We know that it will kill everybody because........experts.  Yup.

Now it seems that Bill Gates wants to spray a bazillion tons of CFCs into the atmosphere.

To prevent Climate Change, of course!

The National Academy of Science wants in on the deal, and asks for only $100 MILLION to kick off its research into the idea.

Better--and far cheaper--idea?  Revive old-fashioned diesel engines.  Ask Red China for them; they have plenty.  For that matter, ask Red China to double their target for coal-fired electrical generation over the next 10 years.  They'll be happy to do that.

Tell Bill Gates to relax.  We can handle this because we're experts!!

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