Monday, April 05, 2021

Christian or Karen?

The term 'Karen' applies to men AND women of the Ninnynanny Class--the ones who point and shout about masks, or "discrimination" or "cultural appropriation" or "sexism" or "homophobia" or any of the endless list of Crimes Against Humanity conjured up in the minds of today's Totalitarians.

Christians don't do that.

...Christians are called to confront evil by introspection. St. Paul called himself the “chief of sinners” -- not because he did anything to rival the spectacular misdeeds of, say, the Emperor Nero, but for a deeper reason. He judged himself not against other men in the light of public opinion, but against the divine gaze into the recesses of his own heart. The saints don’t think of themselves as saints, or as particularly better than other men. They are conscious of their own sins and their own capacity for evil....

Sobran, quoted by "Diogenes"

Sad that both Sobran and "Diogenes" are no longer here in the Vale of Tears, no?

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