Monday, April 05, 2021

Bush the Dumber and Biden the Bumbler

Bush and Biden (and their surrogates) had exactly ONE thing in mind:  power to the State.

Wish I had thought of it this way.

...The media are fessing up. After fanning COVID panic for a year, Democratic newsletter Salon admits it was all for partisan purposes: “Americans have been sucked into an all-or-nothing approach, with your choice of all or nothing depending largely on your partisan identity.”...

OK, we knew that.

...All but those surnamed Cuomo now admit the response was partisan and overblown. We know lockdowns have little effect on transmission even as they devastate people economically and psychologically. The media cheerlead the kneejerk panic response by government, unapologetically correlating suffering with virtue, and pain with progress. If only, somehow, we could have known this a year ago and used it as a guide to a more prudent response....

Maybe not solely "partisan" purpose.

 ...The playbook run against Americans with COVID and 9/11 goes back as far as 1984, the book, not the year. George Orwell envisioned the need for a massive Ministry of Truth to create a state of fear, then to manipulate that fear into support for specific policy....

Notice that ".......and 9/11"?  

9/11 was the excuse for the Patriot Act, which NSA continues to use to hoover every damn thing in your email, every damn thing you read, every dollar you spend using plastic....and yes, NSA does that. 

...The goal is always to make fear of something the problem and then empowering the government the solution. Substitute in “terrorism” if you like. You have to give things up for a safe society. It just is no longer practical to have freedom and security, you will have to choose. If you don’t wear a mask, you’re selfish; you’ve committed a crime against your compliant neighbors, society itself (more Orwell). A new MSM theme, that mostly Republicans are refusing the vaccination, plays off this....

The irony here is this:  I don't think Bush was smart enough to realize what a good terror could bring him in raw power terms, and I don't think Biden has a clue now, nor did he have a clue a year ago.

So they are more-or-less 'peas in a pod.'

And we're stuck with the messes.

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