Friday, November 19, 2021

Vaxx Mandate? Make Our Day!!

The Biden* Administration has been noticeably quiet about Vaxx mandates recently, despite the spike in CoViDOOM cases in the northern tier of the US.  They're not pushing an air-travel ban for the un-vaxxed (yet), nor pounding private industry--except Government contractors--over forcing the vaxx.

There are a couple of reasons for that.  First off, when you're at 38% approval, you don't have moral authority (not that "morality" ever was part of the Biden* agenda.)  They're worried that pushing it hard could result in outright rebellion, even if it's only the 'break a lot of Government windows' variety, especially if they push it before the holiday travel season.  But don't bet too many of your dollars on next year--as soon as 'holiday travel' is over with.  Sen. Kennedy is right:  these people make the same mistake 5 or 6 times, just to be sure.

Then there's this:

Millions of truckers are balking at President Joe Biden’s workplace vaccine mandate, which would be catastrophic for the nation’s supply chain problem if it is enforced, an American Trucking Associations executive told House members this week....

...America is currently short approximately 80,000 truckers compared to pre-pandemic levels. If Biden’s Jan. 4 vaccine deadline is enforced, the industry will lose 37% of its truckers, or 2.5 million people, according to an ATA survey.

The survey “came back as 37% of drivers not only said 'no,' but 'hell no,'” Spear testified....

Ingalls shipbuilders also backed off its vaxx-mandate demands despite being a very large Government contractor building nuke aircraft carriers and subs.  Seems that they'd lose far too many highly-skilled peopleHuh.

Finally, Wisconsin Manufacturers' declares that 88% of Wisconsin businesses will LOSE workers if a mandate is enforced.   (This is not like Ascension "Catholic" Hospital which does not recognize religious exemptions and just fires people.)

So yah, Thunderbottom!!  Go ahead.  Make our day!!

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Mar said...

Just wondering...will they mandate vaccines on truckers are here on a work visa???