Saturday, November 20, 2021

Marquette U. Grad Arrested in Kenosha

She went to kolege, ya'know.

A protester was detained and ticketed on Friday for writing a chalk message at the top of the courthouse steps, near the Kenosha County courthouse entryway...

...the protester said she was ticketed $767.50.

"White supremacy is for cowards, written up in chalk, just in chalk, on a public building. I studied communications at Marquette University. I'm a strong believer of non-destructive acts of political free speech and I view that as an act of non-destructive political free speech," said Alexandra Wilburn, who told WISN 12 News she was in town from Madison to protest the Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty verdict. 

Defacing public property, darling, is costly 'free speech.'

But think of it this way, sweetie:  you were not jailed without trial for 140 days for trespassing like those free-speech-and-assembly people in D.C.

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