Sunday, November 21, 2021

The "Men" of the FBI

 Perfectly obvious that the FEEBS are recruiting girly-men lately.

Sherronna Bishop, founder of America’s Mom — FBI raided her home with a battering ram and she was handcuffed in her front yard because of her political activism and support for Trump.

“I’m a very public figure. I make myself available to anyone who has questions, be it law enforcement, elected officials or regular everyday people… I have always been available, and yet they chose to come to my home in this way, break down my door, terrorize my family, and put me in cuffs, and I cannot help but think this was a major intimidation move because they did not do this with anyone else that was on that warrant.”...

Ooooh.  That's showing her, boyzzzz!!!  That's really impressive "manhood" there!

Did you send videos of your tough-guy tricks to your Mommy?


Anonymous said...

They aren't going to back down now. It's going to tick up. Now they are making noise about 2A rights and national "gun registry". Disarm the people while they fill the nation with foreign criminals and let national criminals out of jail to do what that evil monster did in Waukesha.
Meanwhile in Australia, in the Northern Territory, they are literally putting Covid positive unvaxxed people and their CONTACTS onto Army buses and taking them to "quarantine camps". One doesn't have to guess if they will be allowed to come out unvaxxed, or come out at all. Look at their political heads, angrily now talking about those who resist with obvious hatred in their faces and voice. These worms who dare to refuse what they dictate. Blatant, demonic hatred for the people. I don't know his name, but he looked just like Hitler, screaming his diabolical hatred.
We need to pray more.

Dad29 said...

We need to pray more.

IIRC, the phrase is "Praise God and Pass the Ammunition!"