Saturday, November 20, 2021

Biden* Illegitimacy Sued Again

Yes, the Biden* regime is illegitimate.  End of discussion.

As is their wont, Democrats just break the law to get what they want.

The attorneys general of Arizona, Montana and Ohio filed suit against the Biden administration Thursday to block an order by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that would effectively halt deportations of illegal aliens — including those convicted of crimes — . ...

...Mayorkas' guidance violates federal law, the AGs argue, which requires ICE officials to remove illegal aliens that receive a final deportation order within 90 days. Under Mayorkas' nonenforcement policy, ICE officials would be prohibited from enforcing the law, unable to categorically remove illegals — even with dangerous convictions — unless they are suspected of terrorism or espionage.

We mentioned the Democrats' penchant for disobeying laws just a moment ago.

There are about 1 million invaders with criminal convictions who have yet to be removed from the USA.

Meantime, the Invasion, supported by US Bishops of questionable patriotism, continues.

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