Monday, November 22, 2021

How Can They BE So Stupid?

You know who I mean:  the Intellectualoids you run across in, say, the field of education--the ones who just KNOW that your 12-year-old boy should read up on homosexual practices, or your 12-year-old girl should go right ahead and 'trans' into a 'boy.'

After all, these people are Ed-U-Ca-ted!!  They have more than one degree!!  They are well-informed!!  They have big jobs, make big money, and Know Stuff!!!!

Or maybe they're not so well-informed.

Here's a description of 'how it works'.....

...Deception planners chose marks who are receptive to guided actions because of their willingness to extrapolate for unknown data. Highly educated, highly intelligent decision makers with very high confidence in their own decision making capabilities are prime targets. They aren’t deceived with lies and misinformation. They’re led to deceive themselves by employing their own experiences, biases, and prejudices to create ‘facts’ without evidence (data), thereby eliciting a desired behavior (decision). Essentially they get played by their own egos. Social media has become incredibly proficient at this....

Yes, there are planners, and they inhabit social media (FB) and all the traditional 'news' and opinion outlets.  Walter Cronkite was one, and he was damned good.  Remember the Tet Offensive deception that he planned and executed?

In the thread linked above, one commenter stated that 'he knows a lot of smart, educated, wealthy.....who all believe that Rittenhouse was guilty.....' (and they still do.)

Shall we mention The Covidians?  The Mask-Clutchers?  The Vaxx Cultists?  Including the ones now dead due to coronaries?

Deceiving themselves, getting played, by their own egos.

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Anonymous said...

It's either diabolical deception or pride. The smartest person I know, the most apparently moral, Christian, believing person, who lives their faith, voted for a team that is pro late-term abortion, and now apparently has no problem with the Covid-tyranny we are seeing and experiencing, the breakdown of our very nation.
People are seeing the same phenomenon everywhere, their kids suddenly shunning Mom and Dad over this stuff, while they make the looniest decisions. There are people who will be sitting alone on Thanksgiving, because their family will not have them to dinner. This is a whole new level of insanity and cold-heartedness.