Friday, November 26, 2021

"Sin" Not a Problem, Says Vatican

We are in a remarkable time.  Sin is no longer a problem!!  Now "inequity" is The Problem!

An article in Thursday’s L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s daily newspaper, calls for gender equity, including rights over “their own bodies” as the only path to overcoming violence toward women.

Violence against women “will continue to be a tragic reality,” states the article by Anna Lisa Antonucci, “as long as women’s work is not be paid the same as that of men, as long as women do not have the same career opportunities as men, as long as it is difficult for women to achieve positions of responsibility in society and institutions, without the need for ‘pink quotas,’ and as long as childcare is not equally distributed between parents, but continues to be a duty of the mother to whom the ‘generous’ father offers a hand.”...

For centuries, the Catholic Church has taught that Original and personal "sin" is the cause of injustice.  But Ms. Antonucci brings forth a truly new concept:  that the lack of "Equity" is the root of all evil.  "Sin" is out the window.

Rather than silly old sin-based 'morals' she envisions new categories of wrong-ness:  unequal pay, the 'glass ceiling,' and the torture of nurturing one's own children.  These new 'wrongs' also have the advantage of a New (Synodal?) Visionthat the sexes are perfectly interchangeable, like Lego blocks.  

This gives Ms. Antonucci plenty of room to assert the new 'Blessing of Transgenderism and Other Grave Disorders'' which will be forthcoming as part of her soon-to-be-published New Woke Catechism, (financed by the Jesuits, led by James Martin, LBGTQSJ.) 

Other sections of the New Woke Catechism will address the Inequities of Global Warming and Global Cooling, the Inequities of Borders, and the Inequity of Self-Defense.  Sections on the Inequities of Whiteness and Private Property are scheduled for later release.

O Happy Day!!  We are freed from "sin"!  The Easter Promise has come true!!     

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