Saturday, November 20, 2021

Who's On First? Binger/Kraus Aren't

PJ Media writer complains about Binger and Kraus.

...But let’s start with the prosecutors who promulgated and, indeed, created some of the slanders against the then-17-year-old. In the end, prosecutors Thomas Binger and Jim Kraus could not back up their lies with evidence in a courtroom and a jury saw right through them, thank God.

To put it succinctly, Thomas Binger and Jim Kraus left a skid mark on the robes of justice. They put a Kraus-sized turd on Lady Justice’s scale....

Frankly, I was concerned that this was an unfair attack.  Not because those two don't deserve it.  Actually, they deserve life in prison.  No; because they're hardly the biggest recent examples.

But the essay got around to it, sorta. 

...Americans, already disgusted by the FBI, manufactured Trump Russia scandals, and counterintelligence investigations into concerned parents like they’re members of Al Qaeda, closely watched this case and were repulsed by the chicanery used to prosecute Rittenhouse....\

Let's put it this way:  Binger and Kraus are mere apprentices in the trade.  The author doesn't mention the DA of Milwaukee County and his crooked-lawyer pal in the old State Ethics Commission, but that, too, was a flat-out immoral, unethical, pile of rotted flesh.  

Binger & Kraus and their boss, Gravely, are skid-marks, alright, but they're learning.  Who knows?  Maybe the FBI will hire them, or the local US Attorney.

They show promise, after all.

But the Big Crappers:  CIA, FBI, DOJ and NSA, remain King of the S***Pile.

Don't forget it. 

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