Monday, November 22, 2021

Judge Michelle Havas and the Waukesha Slaughterer

 Usually Milwaukee County judges do not get involved with pre-trial hearings.  The link here shows us the last appearance of the SUSPECTED Waukesha slaughterer in Milwaukee county, naming Havas as the 'responsible official.'\

UPDATE:  Her commissioner, Cedric Cornwall, authorized the bond.  We'll call that a failure to supervise on the judge's part and we'll call Cornwall a total disaster.

$1,000.00 bond, posted.  

His criminal record is lengthy and includes domestic violence, aggravated battery, weapons violation, registered sex offender in NV, bail-jumping, marijuana get the idea. He's a serious repeat offender.

Somebody ought to interview the judge and ask a lot of VERY hard questions.  If her commissioner made this deal, well.....

Reminder:  another Milwaukee court commissioner released another Milwaukee resident on bail--so he celebrated by shooting two Wauwatosa cops.


Mar said...

I might cut the judge a little slack. He demanded a speedy trial and court could do it because of the backlog of cases. It might have been a case of either low bail or drop the charges

Dad29 said...

You might, Mar.

Some parents and children in Waukesha will not. This case is FAR from the only time MKE has released someone on bail and that someone went on to commit even MORE serious crimes.

There's plenty of jail/prison space in Wisconsin. Let's use it.

Mike said...

Chisholm signed this amicus brief. He is complicit.