Sunday, November 21, 2021

NPR's New Gambits on Rittenhouse

We listen to NPR on occasion so you don't have to.  Thank me later.

Today's Propaganda Bulletin?  The mortal danger facing 'community organizers' from the Rabid Rightist Vigilante Gunslingers!!  It looks like this will be the propaganda for the near future.  (See below)

AND.....the Rabid Rightist Gunslingers' Vigilante campaign to co-opt all local offices!!

Yup.  NPR found a few 'community organizers' (that's 'rabble-rouser' in plain English) who testified that they are very concerned about their lives because the Rittenhouse verdict clearly endorsed lethal vigilante violence against them.  They rattled on and on about hiring security, using multiple routes when driving home, yadayadayada.

The NPR reporter-ette also fretted about the Rabid Rightists taking over local governments by 'getting close' to officials or----horrors!!--electing their own.  They specifically mentioned the perfidious and horrible rrrraaaaaaaycis Judge Schroeder in that context.

This latter worry dovetails neatly with the Lefty worries about the school-board revolutions ongoing all over the country so you may see a lot more about it, particularly as the Spring elections approach.

The former one?  They're rolling it out to see how it plays in Peoria.  If you hear it again a few more times, then they're serious, and are adding this element to their Race War Campaign.

Great for the country, no?

UPDATE:  Sure enough, a protester called Nathaniel Haack runs the 'endorsed lethal violence' line u the flagpole in Milwaukee:

...Milwaukee resident Nathaniel Haack was like many who expected the outcome but was still disappointed by it. For him, the verdict has far-reaching consequences for the future of protests.

The message that has been received is that protesters are fair game to be hunted,” said the 33-year-old...

So what does this loving father do?  He brings his 6-y.o. daughter to a protest.  He's a professional, State of Wiaconsin-paid (UW-Milwaukee staffer) rabble-rouser holding a degree in "Public Affairs" and a background in community organizing. (Is it just co-incidence that a Chicago demonstration openly called for a Communist Revolution?  Inquiring minds, and all that.)

And more from Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas who just happens to be running for Mayor of Milwaukee:

 "For a law enforcement executive of four decades, it's a bit disconcerting for the message to be sent that young armed individuals can come into a community and kill and injure many people and the consequences are nothing. I think it sends a bad signal," Lucas said....

Actually, not "40 years" of LEO, unless you count the cushy slot given him by Bud Selig to run security for MLB.

A serious LEO would NEVER run his pie-hole so irresponsibly.

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Headless Blogger said...

It seems to me that the national riot pandemic ended abruptly after Rittenhouse liquidated those commie scumbags on 8/26/20. Suddenly, a night of destructive wilding had the potential for lethal previously unforeseen consequences (except in Portland). KR did the nation a great service.