Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The FauciFraud: A Scientific Perspective

Jeff Tucker reviews Dr. Scott Atlas' new book.  Like Navarro's offering, Atlas' work tells the real story about Fauci, Birx, and Redfield--plus a few others.

They could all be tried for treason, if not 2nd-degree homicide.

...If you have heretofore believed that science drives pandemic public policy, this book will shock you. Atlas’s recounting of the unbearably poor thinking on the part of government-based “infectious disease experts” will make your jaw drop (thinking, for example, of Birx’s off-the-cuff theorizing about the relationship between masking and controlling case spreads). ...

...The fake science of population-wide “models” drove policy instead of following the known information about risk profiles. “The one unusual feature of this virus was the fact that children had an extraordinarily low risk,” writes Atlas. “Yet this positive and reassuring news was never emphasized. Instead, with total disregard of the evidence of selective risk consistent with other respiratory viruses, public health officials recommended draconian isolation of everyone.”...

...In Task Force meetings, Atlas was the only person who showed up with studies and on-the-ground information as opposed to mere charts of infections easily downloadable from popular websites. “A bigger surprise was that Fauci did not present scientific research on the pandemic to the group that I witnessed. Likewise, I never heard him speak about his own critical analysis of any published research studies. This was stunning to me. Aside from intermittent status updates about clinical trial enrollments, Fauci served the Task Force by offering an occasional comment or update on vaccine trial participant totals, mostly when the VP would turn to him and ask.”...

Speaking of the VP, it looks like he was MIA in these meetings, just as he was MIA on January 6th.  That's nothing new for him; just ask any believing Christian in Indiana about his betrayal on RFRA.

Kushner also takes a well-deserved beating here, just as he did in Navarro's book.  

And of course, when Fauci saw a route to fear-mongering and his own power, he took it, whether or not it contradicted his earlier statements.  The 'evolution of science' always bent toward his dictatorship.

...Early on, Fauci had clearly said that there was no reason to get tested if you had no symptoms. Later, that common-sense outlook was thrown out the window and replaced with an agenda to test as many people as possible regardless of risk and regardless of symptoms. The resulting data enabled Fauci/Birx to keep everyone in a constant state of alarm. More test positivity to them implied only one thing: more lockdowns. Businesses needed to close harder, we all needed to mask harder, schools needed to stay closed longer, and travel needed to be ever more restricted. That assumption became so entrenched that not even the president’s own wishes (which had changed from Spring to Summer) made any difference....

Trump had been betrayed by the Deep State (health-fraud division).  His instincts were the opposite of his 'lockdown' orders and his subsequent continuing support of Fraudci et.al.  

Too bad, not only for Trump, but the entire population of the USA.

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