Thursday, November 25, 2021

Racine County "Say WHAT?"

If I were the reporter, I would have questions.....

Video provided to FOX6 News by [Racine Sheriff] Schmaling shows .... Adrian Jefferson [] with a high-powered weapon. The sheriff said Jefferson is currently facing a multitude of charges, accused of stealing SWAT equipment from a SWAT operator's home; that includes a pistol, sniper rifle and another fully-automatic rifle.

Jefferson is also facing felony charges of armed robbery, carrying a concealed weapon and intentionally pointing a firearm at law enforcement, the sheriff said.

Schmaling complains that a Racine County supervisor posted bail for the perp and wants that supervisor to resign.  No doubt that that supervisor should be answering a lot of questions. 

My questions would move along a different line:

How did the perp know which home had SWAT equipment?  Pure luck?  Information?  If so, from whom?

What is "SWAT equipment" doing in an operator's home?

Even granting that the operator kept the stuff at home for purposes of efficient response to a call, why did that equipment include a FULL-AUTO rifle?  After all, he has arms for long-distance and up-close encounters in his house.

Lots to chew on there..... 

UPDATE:  Another station provides background including a silly non-response from the County Supervisor.  The equipment was "locked in a car" mmmm......and no mention of a full-auto, but an AR-15/M-16 is in the story.   Hmmmmmmmmmm


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