Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Crump, Wood, Pierce, Weddington

Now that Kyle has spoken out and removed all doubt, we know that Wood and Pierce were low-life lying whores who would go to ANY length to tart-up the Kyle Story--so long as their pockets were stuffed in the process.

This gives rise to the question:  how much of a lying low-life whore is this Crump guy who shows up at every turn?

And was Roe v Wade the first instance of lawyers fabricating stories for A Cause?  And why is it always Lefty lawyers who lie like Hell, including prosecutors?

Jus' sayin.........


Gabe Mauel said...

Dear DAD29,
I do not know who to believe, but Lin Wood is NOT a defense attorney and seems to have the paper work that indicates that he did raise the money for and paid for the bail for Kyle. Read Lin Wood's Telegram account of his side. It is all so crazy. Pray for Kyle Rittenhouse. He is being used.

I love your blog but I have to speak out some times because we all get fooled by the social media. I watch Tucker Carlson but I don't trust him. He knows the Bidens. He lived down the street from them in DC. He feels "sorry for Hunter Biden". Give me a break.

Dad29 said...

We're open minded here. Wood partnered with Pierce....

And I know and have lived nearby to a few crooks, too.