Friday, November 26, 2021

Report: Children's Hospital Drowning Post-Waukesha

This doesn't come as a surprise.

Nurses and officials at the Children’s hospital where all the kids injured in the horrific Waukesha car attack were taken have revealed that treatment is being hampered by a staff shortage brought on by the COVID vaccine mandate.

The sources say that the Children’s Wisconsin Milwaukee Hospital struggled to care for 18 children rushed there in the aftermath because there are no longer enough nurses or support staff available....

 ...A hospital official also noted that there are currently over 200 open positions at the site, and more than 450 across all of the institute’s campuses, primarily because people have been forced out of work by the vaccine mandate which came into effect on November 15.

The report notes that 70% of religious exemption requests were denied and some clinics have been forced to close.

“This is because of the mandate,” another hospital source said, adding “People either quit because their exemptions were denied or didn’t even bother to apply. They just started looking for other jobs.”

The report also notes that the President and CEO of the hospital are working the emergency floor because of the shortages...

Children's is run by a fanatic martinet (ette?) and will be having many more problems as Teh Vaxx fails to prevent the disease AND fails to prevent transmission.

Sad for the kids.

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Mar said...

Hmm, the CEO is a nurse but a bureaucrat, so how helpful wouldshe be in a high stress area?
The only President listed is a business major. Maybe gives the patients their bills when they arrive, demanding down payments?
Perhaps they helped out when the trauma surge happened on the evening of the murders, but that means they did not have enough staff to call in in a disaster situation.