Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Buy "In Trump Time" by Navarro

So yah, we have a bit of down-time and purchased the book.


Peter Navarro flat-out names names and kicks ass(es)--the asses you'd expect to hear about, such as Mnuchin, Cohn, Tillerson, Mike Mulvaney, Henry Kissinger, Chief of Staff Kelly, Mattis, and the Oldest Fraud in Government, Fauci.

And that's just the prologue and Chapter One.

Navarro is called a "super-hawk" on Red China, which is the reason his Wiki page says his views 'are out of the mainstream.'  In fact, Navarro understands precisely what Red China has done to the Rust Belt and more recently, the high-tech sector in the US.  It's war by other means.

And of course, the attack was multi-pronged; serious resources were devoted to winning friends in the MSM, on Wall Street, in US colleges, and in headquarters of US manufacturing businesses.  When friends could not be won, Red China purchased the companies with the assistance of treasonous little bastards like Hunter Biden and his Daddy.  (Yup.  F**k them.)

And that's only the beginning of the book.


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