Saturday, November 20, 2021

Tom Barrett Rambles, Endlessly and Pointlessly

Mayor Tommy of Milwaukee is following rambling-and-pointless-yapping path of his Great Leader Biden*.  (That's not good news for the State Department, who will be walking back Barrett's yammerings in Luxembourg shortly.)

Barrett tried to find a way to say that Kyle should be in prison without saying so.  Then he moved on to "changing Wisconsin law" about minors carrying guns.

Because Gunzzzzz Badddd!!  

What he did NOT do was pin the tail on both donkeys:  Antaramian, the (D) Mayor of Kenosha, who hid under his bed when the riots started, and Evers, the (D) Governor of Wisconsin, who verbally encouraged people to riot and then hid under HIS bed without sending any help to Kenosha for a day or two.

Those two feckless twits CAUSED the deaths in Kenosha.  Kyle--in justified self-defense--just happened to be the messenger who did his duty to defend lives (including his own) and property while both governments abandoned their posts.

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