Sunday, November 28, 2021

Peter Navarro Goes There on FBI

In one of Bannon's recent shows, Peter Navarro finally said what should have been said for quite some time:  Sean Hannity is full of s**t and the FEEBS who are battering down the doors of mothers who question the election, fathers who exercised First Amendment rights of free speech and petition, and old guys who happened to work for the wrong President........

..........THOSE Feebs.....

are slimebuckets who "just follow orders."  

And you know exactly what that refers to.

Let's not forget the FEEBS who are keeping track of "terrorists" who oppose porn- and racist-education in K-5, or those who disparage, distrust, or just irritate the Biden* Reich.

Let's see how long Navarro remains a free man, eh?

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