Saturday, November 20, 2021

What Was Mike Pence Doing?

The other day, we mentioned Dr. Scott Atlas' appearance on Tucker Carlson.  We mentioned it because his testimony was shocking.  Atlas has written a book on his experience with Fauci, Birx, and Redfield which goes over the ground in much more detail than his interview with Carlson.  

Fauci's day is over.  Aside from the rapidly-shrinking True Believer crowd in Swampland, NYC, SFO, and (sadly) a lot of medical establishments, nobody pays attention to "Dr. Jab."

But there was another player on the CoviDOOM!!! stage:  Mike Pence.

Pence is a smooth politician who got the short-fill on "courage."  He betrayed Indiana to kowtow to the LBGTQ++SJ crowd, then became Trump's very own Brutus on January 6.  Now he thinks he can revive his high-level treachery act by running for President.  Good luck with that, Mikie.


Pence was supposed to manage the CoviDOOM!!! efforts of the Government--but as Atlas' book and interview point out, the CoviDOOM!!! efforts managed Pence.

That's not a surprise to anyone who's watched this super-slick snake, but it tells you something.

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susan said...

I said a loooong time ago that pence is dirty....and he think's he's righteous in his dirt.
Truly pathetic soul.