Saturday, November 20, 2021

Noem Betrays Again!

It wasn't enough for Kristi Noem (R??-SD) to let boys into girls' restrooms (that attempt failed.)  When that failed, she issued a proclamation against CRT--but she "doesn't have time"  to enforce it.

Get the drift grift?

For her THIRD act.....

...Yet another GOP backstabber, there’s South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem who in April proclaimed no “vaccine” passports would be allowed in her state but on Oct. 27 literally says she will protect “private” entities who issue mandates and passports.

Noem’s Oct. 27 EO was heralded by Conservative, Inc. media as protecting South Dakotans from jab mandates, but it does nothing of the sort. The order states: “Nothing in this Executive Order should be construed or interpreted to infringe upon or otherwise usurp the ability of private businesses in South Dakota to make decisions regarding their own employees or individuals entering their places of business or private property.”...

There's a pattern here:  Noem hasn't a clue about what real people want (or what real people are.)  She is just another Government Gal.  Like Government Men, that group of people is utterly convinced that Government Knows Best Because Experts!!

In D.C., they're known as The Swamp.  In South Dakota (and Wisconsin), they're the Stagnant Farm-Runoff Pond.  Smells pretty near the same, too. 

Not to worry.  Breitbart News has been giving her a tongue-bath for 2 weeks.  Cui bono?

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