Sunday, November 28, 2021

Conspiracy Theory or Government Lying?

Y'all knew that the CIA invented the term "conspiracy theory", right?


Bovard has a mid-length essay which includes a lot of history.  He claims (in error) that US Government lying began with the Warren Commission's report on the Kennedy assassination.  It didn't start there; it began with Wilson's lying-campaign (Lusitania) to bring the US into World War One.  (Might have been earlier than that; I'll take suggestions.)  FDR followed up with his legerdemain forcing Japan to attack Pearl....and, of course, the continuous lying from State, CIA, and Treasury about the number of Communists they employ--and continue to employ.

Oh, yeah, your Government lies.  A lot.

And you will be required to believe their lies, and affirm them--or.........

...The Biden administration is revving up for a war against an enemy which the feds have chosen to never explicitly define. According to a March report by Biden’s Office of the Director of National Intelligence, “domestic violent extremists” include individuals who “take overt steps to violently resist or facilitate the overthrow of the U.S. government in support of their belief that the U.S. government is purposely exceeding its Constitutional authority.” But that was the same belief that many Biden voters had regarding the Trump administration. Does the definition of extremism depend solely on which party captured the White House?

The Biden report writers were spooked by the existence of militia groups and flirt with the fantasy of outlawing them across the land. The report promises to explore “how to make better use of laws that already exist in all fifty states prohibiting certain private ‘militia’ activity, including … state statutes prohibiting groups of people from organizing as private military units without the authorization of the state government, and state statutes that criminalize certain paramilitary activity.” Most of the private militia groups are guilty of nothing more than bluster and braggadocio. Besides, many of them are already overstocked with government informants who are counting on Uncle Sam for regular paychecks. Some politicians and pundits might like to see a new federal crime that labels any meeting of more than two gun owners as an illegal conspiracy.....

Bovard may be exaggerating....or maybe not.

...As the Intercept summarized, that report “suggests that police, social workers and educators rate individuals on a scale of one to five in categories such as ‘Expressions of Hopelessness, Futility,’ … and ‘Connection to Group Identity (Race, Nationality, Religion, Ethnicity)’ … to alert government officials to individuals at risk of turning to radical violence, and to families or communities at risk of incubating extremist ideologies.” The report recommended judging families by their level of “Parent-Child Bonding” and rating localities on the basis in part of the “presence of ideologues or recruiters.” Former FBI agent Mike German commented, “The idea that the federal government would encourage local police, teachers, medical, and social-service employees to rate the communities, individuals, and families they serve for their potential to become terrorists is abhorrent on its face.”...

Easy to see why German is a "former" FEEB, no?

Stay tuned.  It's not a conspiracy theory if it's true, ya'know.

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