Saturday, November 27, 2021

The Michigan Hospital Mess UPDATED: It's All BS

Apparently the Democrat fortress--Michigan--is having a CoviDOOM outbreak.  So many people are in hospitals that Biden* is sending US Army medics and RN's.

The federal government plans to send 44 military medical workers to Michigan to assist hospitals treating coronavirus patients during a fourth surge that has become the worst in the nation, according to state health officials.

“It also will open beds at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Detroit for transfers. Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sought the assistance at the request of the Michigan Health & Hospital Association,” the Associated Press (AP) reported Wednesday.

The two groups of 22 physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists are scheduled to arrive next week and tend patients for 30 days inside Beaumont Hospital located in Dearborn, and Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, the health department explained....


Back in August, Beaumont and Spectrum instituted Vaxx Mandates for their employees.

Now they're short of personnel.

Must be just co-incidence. 

Meaning in History proves that this is NOT CoviDOOM.  It's typical general admission.

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