Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Is Merrick Garland Managing Waukesha Information?

There are reports that Merrick Garland's (Eric Holder's) Department of Justice is responsible for managing the release of information in the Waukesha case--specifically, downplaying the possible racist motive of the killer.

Even Dreher alludes to it.

...He was not fleeing a knife fight, as earlier speculation had it. He was not being chased by police. Why did he do it? Why did he drive his car on purpose into a crowd of people at a Christmas parade?

We don’t yet know. But we do know from his social media postings that Darrell “MathBoi Fly” Brooks really hated white people:...

Dreher posts some screen-shots of Brooks' hate rhetoric.

Vaun Mayes hints at a race war beginning in Waukesha, too.

Of course, THAT sort of information is completely unacceptable.


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